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Hair Transplantation

How is Hair Transplantation Done?

Hair transplantation is the transfer of hair follicles to the areas where balding occurs, that is, where hair loss occurs. Hair transplantation allows people who have lost their hair for various reasons to achieve a natural and aesthetic appearance. Factors such as genetic factors, hormonal disorders, aging, stress can lead to hair loss. Hair is one of the elements that affect self-confidence and affect the appearance the most. For this reason, hair transplantation is preferred.

So, how is hair transplantation done? In simple terms, hair transplantation is performed by transplanting hair follicles to the points where hair loss occurs. If the hair follicles of hair resistant to hair loss are in sufficient quantity, they can be used. These hair follicles are called grafts. If there are not enough grafts, hair follicles can be transplanted from the person’s chest or arm hair. Hair transplantation, which is a surgical procedure, should be performed by reliable hands. Hair transplantation should be performed in a hospital environment with specialist doctors and experienced plastic surgeons.

Techniques Used in Hair Transplantation

With technological developments and diversifying applications, the hair transplantation process has also been enriched with multiple techniques. The main transplantation methods used are Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). FUE method is the most preferred hair transplantation method in recent years because there is no incision. Since FUT is a stitched and more difficult procedure, its use has gradually decreased with developing technologies. FUE method is also divided into different applications. In the FUE method, which is the most useful hair transplantation method, different methods called Saphire FUE and DHI Fue have also been developed.

Who Can Have Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is the safest and permanent procedure for people with hair loss, thinning and thinning hair. Hair transplantation can be applied to anyone, regardless of male or female. People who have reached the peak of hair thinning and are not currently experiencing active hair loss are more suitable for hair transplantation. In addition, it is also an application that can be used by those who want to plump their thinning hair due to aesthetic concerns. If there is any skin disease on the scalp before hair transplantation, it is not healthy to start the procedure without treatment. After the necessary treatment, the procedure can be performed in consultation with the specialist.

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