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Beard Transplant Turkey

Beard Transplant Turkey
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    Beard Transplant Turkey with TAS Hospital

    “Our hair transplant price for up to 5000 grafts is $3500.”

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS, one of Turkey’s most successful surgeons, has achieved successful results by touching the lives of tens of thousands of patients with his 15 years of hair transplantation experience. During the hair transplantation process, you will experience a flawless treatment process with the VIP patient services offered by TAS Hospital
    Hair Transplant Turkey
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    Why is Beard and Mustache Transplantation Popular in Turkey?

    Throughout centuries, the concept of beard and mustache has always been a sign of power and masculinity for men. Therefore, men have paid great attention to their beards and mustaches, and even those who did not have them have developed various methods over time to grow thick and long beards. However, nowadays there are many clinics that perform beard and mustache transplantation.

    Turkey, the homeland of beard and mustache transplantation, is also the homeland of hair transplantation with its privileged patient services and advanced medical techniques. Therefore, every year, patients from all over the world come to Turkey for beard and mustache transplantation. The reason for this is that Turkey offers very natural and perfect results for beard and hair transplantation.

    Professor Dr. Süleyman TAS, who is well-known for his flawless beard transplantation procedures worldwide, creates miracles with the advanced techniques he uses for hair and beard transplantation at TAS Hospital. This way, you can have the healthy beard and mustache of your dreams in a short period of time.

    By choosing TAS Hospital, which is accredited by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and adheres to Gold standards, and working with successful experts in beard and mustache transplantation, you can have an impressive and masculine appearance.

    • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Süleyman TAS has the International Hair Transplantation Surgery certificate.
    • He is a member of societies such as the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and World Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery that offer new developments in hair transplantation.
    • To achieve painless and comfortable results after the procedure, he prefers to use tools with sapphire tips instead of traditional steel surgical tools.

    Are You a Suitable Candidate for Beard and Mustache Transplantation?

    Beard and mustache may be a condition that greatly affects the self-confidence of many men. Therefore, if you want to know about beard and mustache transplantation, it would be more appropriate to answer the following questions.
    • Are regional hair loss in your beard and mustache affecting your self-confidence?
    • Or, do you want your beard and mustache to be thicker?
    • Or, do you want to get rid of baldness problem completely?
    If you answered yes to two out of the three questions we asked, we can definitely say that you are a suitable candidate for hair and beard transplantation. If you want to find out if you are a suitable candidate for beard and mustache transplantation, you can contact the expert beard transplant surgeons at TAS Hair Clinic to get more detailed and comprehensive results.

    Types of Beard and Mustache Transplantation in Turkey

    When we examine the beard transplantation techniques in Turkey, we come across FUE beard transplantation and DHI beard transplantation methods. When deciding on these methods, the density and structure of the area where the beard transplantation will be performed are taken into consideration. Accordingly, the most suitable beard and mustache transplantation plan is created for the patient.

    FUE Beard Transplant Technique

    • The success rate of the FUE method is higher in areas where beard hair loss is common.
    • A special beard implant device with a sapphire tip is used.
    • Approximately 4000-4500 grafts can be transplanted with the FUE method.

    DHI Beard Transplant Technique

    • The success rate of the DHI method is higher in areas where beard loss is less common.
    • A micro-tipped specialized beard transplantation device is being used.
    • With the DHI method, an average of 1500-2000 grafts can be implanted.
    It is true that both DHI and FUE methods are applied for beard and mustache transplantation at TAS Hospital Hair Clinic, which is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey. By working with expert beard transplant surgeons at TAS Hospital you can achieve excellent results in beard and mustache transplantation procedures.

    Change The Way You Look With Hair Transplant

    “Contact our expert hair transplant surgeons and achieve the strong and full head of hair you’ve always dreamed of.”

    Beard Transplant Process in Turkey

    Getting a Sapphire FUE hair transplant in Turkey is a relatively easy and effortless process. The process consists of 6 effective and simple steps.

    Beard and Mustache Transplant Advantages

    • After beard or moustache transplantation, sparse or hollow beard areas can have a denser and fuller appearance. This can help to balance your facial features and give you a more masculine expression.
    • Beard transplant results are usually permanent because real hair follicles are transplanted. This allows you to maintain the desired look for many years.
    • Beard transplantation is usually a minimally invasive procedure and is performed under local anesthesia. Post-operative recovery is usually short and uneventful.

    Is there any disadvantages of hair transplant?

    • Beard and moustache transplantation can be slightly more costly than other aesthetic procedures. This may vary depending on factors such as the technique used, the number of hair or beard follicles and the location of the procedure.
    • The transplanted hair or beard may change in color, texture and thickness over time. Therefore, the initial results may vary over time.

    Beard Transplant Guide in Turkey

    Ask Our Experts

    If you want to learn detailed information about male and female hair transplantation and find answers to all your questions, you can first contact our expert hair transplant surgeons and get information about free personalized hair transplant treatment.

    Plan Your Treatment

    From the moment you decide to have a hair transplant, start planning your treatment. During this process, don't forget to get free information about your hair transplant treatment from our professional surgeons. This way, you can achieve the most accurate results.

    Create Your Travel Plan

    Create your travel plan according to the treatment plan you have created with the hair transplant surgeons. During the hair transplant treatment, you can safely complete your treatment process by choosing one of the hotels TAS Hos Clinic is affiliated with.

    Your Treatment Begins

    After the analysis of your hair roots and examination of your scalp, the most accurate and successful hair transplantation plan will be created specifically for you. Thus, your treatment process will begin in accordance with a personalized treatment plan.

    Aftercare Service

    After your hair transplantation procedure, our post-treatment service includes the first hair wash and care process. This will help you achieve more professional results in your hair transplant procedure.

    First Results

    After undergoing a hair transplant procedure using the latest technological advancements such as DHI or FUE, you will experience the first successful results in hair transplantation by paying attention to the post-operative instructions provided by our surgeons.

    Change The Way You Look With Hair Transplant

    “Contact our expert hair transplant surgeons and achieve the strong and full head of hair you’ve always dreamed of.”

    Mustache & Beard Transplant Turkey Cost

    The cost of hair transplantation procedures in Turkey can be much more affordable compared to European countries. The main reason for this is the high competition in the field of hair and beard transplantation in Turkey. As a result, hair transplantation prices in Turkey may vary.

    • The main reason for the low cost of beard and mustache transplant procedures in Turkey is the significant supportive incentives provided by the Turkish Ministry of Health to the hair transplant centers in Turkey.
    • Due to the exchange rate, beard transplant prices in Turkey are more affordable compared to other countries.
    • Finally, there is a high rate of production of healthcare equipment that is used for beard transplant procedures in Turkey, which makes the materials more affordable. This is also a contributing factor to the lower cost of hair transplant procedures in Turkey.

    TAS Hospital provides high-quality services in the field of beard and mustache transplantation with accurate diagnosis, planning, and personalized treatment methods. By consulting with the experts of TAS Hospital in beard transplantation, you can take advantage of advantageous pricing procedures and affordable hair transplantation packages without wasting time. You can visit the link to learn more about Beard Transplant Turkey Cost.

    Beard Transplant Cost in Turkey
    3.500 $10.000 $15.000 €
    Beard & Mustache Transplant Treatment in Turkey TAS Hospital
    How to choose a beard transplant clinic in Turkey?” is one of the most frequently asked questions when deciding to have a beard transplant. There are two main factors to consider when choosing the best beard transplant clinic: clinic selection and doctor selection. Comprehensive research should be done on this topic. By doing research, you can choose the best beard transplant surgeons and clinics.

    Doctors who specialize in this field are crowned with experience gained through studies and conferences conducted in global communities. They are also accredited by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and have Gold standards.

    TAS Hospital, one of Turkey’s best beard and mustache transplant centers, is among the beard transplant centers accredited by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. It performs fue and dhi hair transplant techniques that are most suitable for the person’s ethnic and biological structure. Successful beard and mustache transplant procedures are crowned with before and after images. Additionally, you can experience a flawless treatment process at Istanbul’s best beard transplant clinic by choosing Doç.Dr.Süleyman TAS and TAS Hospital.

    Beard & Mustache Turkey Before After

    Beard & Mustache Turkey Reviews

    What Our Patients Think?

    By reviewing the professional result of hair transplantation treatment, you can gain information about your treatment precess.

    Beard Transplant About Frequently Asked Questions

    Since local anesthesia is applied during hair and beard transplantation, minimal or no pain is usually felt. There may be mild discomfort and crusting after the procedure, but these are temporary and normal. There is no need to worry.

    The transplanted hair or beard may fall out after the procedure. However, since the roots remain in place, new hair begins to grow in about 3 to 6 months and the results become more visible in 12-18 months.

    Yes, hair and beard transplantation results are usually permanent. Because the transplanted hair follicles are permanently placed. However, it is important to take appropriate care and precautions to prevent the existing hair follicles from falling out.

    Yes, a slight itching in the hair or beard area may be normal after the procedure. There is no need to worry about this. However, you can touch it gently so as not to irritate it.

    Hair or beard length may vary depending on the growth rate of the beard after the procedure. For this reason, you can get confirmation about the length by discussing this issue with our specialist surgeons.

    Generally, hair or beard transplantation can be considered after adolescence, i.e. after the age of 18. However, each individual's situation may be different, so you can get detailed information by having a preliminary consultation with our specialist surgeons.

    It is best to wait for the time recommended by our surgeons for a hair or beard cut after the procedure. This time may vary depending on the type of procedure and the healing process.

    Yes, rubbing or squeezing the hair or beard transplanted areas after the procedure can damage the skin or transplantation area and prevent healing. For this reason, the beard and mustache area should be treated with care.

    Turkey is home to highly experienced and specialized doctors in beard and mustache transplantation. However, it is also highly developed in terms of technological infrastructure. Turkey, which is quite affordable in terms of cost, is highly developed in terms of health tourism in beard transplantation. For this reason, you can definitely choose Turkey for beard and mustache transplantation.

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