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Human Resources

Human Resources

In our institution, service is provided with a working system focused on “patient satisfaction”.

For this reason, we aim to gather people who can improve themselves, their team, and their company, who have a high level of education, who can empathize, who are open to innovations, who are energetic, and who have the potential to develop their business, who are successful in teamwork, and we aim to develop these people with continuous training programs, effective performance management, career planning, and reward systems.

To increase the level of knowledge, skills, and quality service in our institution, we provide professional and personal development training, pre-orientation, in-departmental orientation, and general orientation programs. In this way, employees internalize the corporate culture.

TAS Hospital employees love their work and each other and share the responsibility to the fullest.

Our Recruitment Processes

Your applications are evaluated by the Human Resources and Relevant Unit Directorates, and our candidates who have the qualifications required by the vacant position are invited to the institution for an interview. In the interview conducted by the Human Resources team, if the expectations of the candidate and the institution match, our candidates are interviewed by the relevant department managers.

Candidates who are positive in the said interviews and evaluations are invited to join the TAS Hospital family.

How Can You Apply To Our Institution?

  • By sending your CV to
  • You can personally come to the Human Resources department of our institution and fill out the application form.
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