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Oral and Dental Health

Our Oral and Dental Health Clinic, with its structure designed by quality standards, strives to provide the ideal oral and dental health service with the most advanced technological devices and materials. Our teeth play an active role in chewing, talking, and laughing. When we lose our teeth, these things get a little more difficult. However, we are lucky that missing teeth can be compensated with various methods. Color and deformities in the teeth can cause problems up to psychological disorders in the individual. With the development of aesthetic and restorative materials in dentistry, many shapes, color, and position disorders can be easily resolved.

Oral and dental health is critically important for general health as well as for aesthetic appearance. For this reason, oral and dental health requires intervention under the control of a specialist. In addition to the treatments applied, our unit raises awareness and directs them about the precautions to be taken to protect oral and dental health. The most effective way to protect oral and dental health is to take care of the mouth and teeth cleaning.

Oral, Dental, and Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery services are generally performed on the soft tissues located in the mouth (tongue, cheek, lip, salivary glands, etc.) and cover the diagnosis and surgical treatment of all kinds of ailments and diseases of the teeth, jaw, and jaw joint. Therapeutic operations are performed by selecting the most appropriate anesthesia application, such as local anesthesia or sedation anesthesia.
Advanced dental implant surgery applications such as the placement of implants that are often applied in dentistry to the jaw and the placement of bone grafts as a result of insufficient bone required for the implant are also included in this section.

Aesthetic Dentistry

In our center, various solutions are offered not only in the treatment of oral and dental health problems but also in oral and dental aesthetics.

  • Smile Design
  • Whitening
  • Laminate Veneers

It is possible to provide a new smile to the patient with methods such as:

Prosthetic Dental Treatment

We provide prosthetic dental treatments to restore missing or damaged teeth.

Metal-Free Full Porcelain Crowns

Metal-free crowns are made of reinforced porcelain. Although many things affect the appearance of crowns, the most important is their reaction to light. Natural teeth pass light. As a result, depth and vitality appear in the tooth. Due to the light transmission properties of porcelain crowns without metal support (full porcelain), their depth and vitality are greater, so the results closest to the natural tooth are obtained.

Since full porcelain transmits light, it creates an aesthetic very similar to the natural tooth structure, even if it is very well made, there is a dullness and artificiality in metal porcelain. For this reason, full porcelain is preferred, especially on the anterior teeth.


Porcelain fused to metal crowns are used in some lights (disco, camera flash, etc.) they give the appearance of a dark cavity as if it were not in the mouth. Full porcelain, on the other hand, transmits all kinds of light just like natural teeth.
Porcelain fused to metal crowns is mechanically glued to the tooth. Full porcelain crowns, on the other hand, are attached to the tooth mechanically and chemically. That is why their retainers are much higher compared to porcelain fused to metal crowns.
 Since there is no metal in the substructure, there is no dark line at the crown–gum level. A more aesthetic image is provided.
 When the gum is receded, full porcelains preserve their aesthetic appearance, while metal porcelains create a bad appearance in the area where they join the tooth.
 Against some metals used in the substructure (nickel, etc.) the risk of allergies that may occur is absent in full porcelain.

Metal-Free Dental Bridges

Metal-Free bridges are obtained by compressing the reinforced porcelain in special machines. It is preferred especially in the anterior teeth because of its very good light transmittance.

Metal-Free Zirconium-Based Bridges

In this system, zirconium alloy, which is a white color, is used instead of metal as the infrastructure. The biggest advantage of the system is to provide a full aesthetic appearance on the bridges in the posterior region with its high durability.

Total – Partial Prostheses

Total Prostheses

Total dentures are an application that can be done if there are no teeth left in your mouth. They are prostheses, also known as “palate prostheses”, made of acrylic, which can stay in the mouth by vacuum force by being supported on the bone tissue remaining in the lower and upper jaws. It is difficult to use under normal conditions, it is applied in cases where special health conditions are valid and where implants cannot be made. Today, modern dentistry has not used much at the point it has reached today. It must be renewed every 5 years. In terms of health, it is not generally correct to use porcelain teeth in total dentures, so plastic teeth are used, but they can cause discoloration. For this, you can clean your prosthesis with special medications sold in pharmacies to clean it.

Partial Prostheses

Partial dentures complete your smile by filling the gaps formed due to missing teeth. However, not only aesthetically, but functionally, it also helps you to perform the chewing function, which is not performed properly due to lost teeth. It also helps you to pronounce words more properly by eliminating the phonetic problems that occur in your speech. The tissue support that is lost due to the lack of teeth also supports the lips and cheeks, and in this way, the collapses and sagging that occur on the face can also be eliminated. Partial prostheses are applications that can be inserted and removed if an implant or fixed bridge prostheses cannot be made as a solution in the case where there is a lack of many teeth. These prostheses can be attached to the teeth remaining in the mouth with crochets, as well as attached to the teeth with crowns and sensitive holders hidden on the inside so that they can have a more aesthetic appearance.

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