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Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Muscle and skeletal system problems, the sequelae of neurological diseases, chronic pain and disability associated with chronic diseases cases, orthopedic surgery after treatment of movement system disorders, joint problems, such as acute and chronic diseases, and as a whole the upcoming treatment, and Prevention of medical conditions that cause disability in all age groups, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of the structure is designed by the quality standards for the most advanced technological devices and methods are performed in our center.

Groups of diseases treated in our Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation clinic:

  • Tears of the lower back, neck and entire spine,
  • Movement restrictions that develop before and after orthopedic surgeries,
  • Rehabilitation of cerebral palsy,
  • Hemiplegia (stroke, stroke),
  • Parkinson’s rehabilitation,
  • Rehabilitation of multiple sclerosis,
  • Rehabilitation after hand injuries,
  • Rehabilitation of joints such as shoulder, knee, elbow.

Additional treatments applied in our clinic:

Medical massage: It is applied to restore the damaged or tired organ to its former functionality and improve the quality of life of the patient. In addition, it relaxes the muscles that have gone into spasm, removes the pressure on the nerve and provides psychological rejuvenation.

Manual Therapy: It is a physical therapy method performed manually without any medication, device or instrument. This type of therapy, which is applied to eliminate problems such as muscle spasm, tension and pain that occur in different parts of the body, recovery is achieved in a short time.

Dry needle treatment (Dry Needling): Medication and solution are not injected into the needles applied during dry needle treatment. That’s why its name is the dry needle. Dry needle therapy is applied to solve muscle spasms and prevent waist, neck, and back pains.

P.R.P: Prp plate means blood rich in platelet cells. It is mixed with the blood taken from the patient and applied to the problem area. By increasing the blood supply and cell renewal in the applied area, it gives fast results in pain healing.

Cupping Therapy: Cupping therapy is a traditional treatment method that provides regional blood supply by vacuum method. It is to provide cellular regeneration by bloodletting and re-oxygenation of the desired region.

ESWT: Eswt (out-of-body shock wave therapy) this created pressure is applied to the desired area thanks to a cap. Treatment occurs with the contact of a loud sound wave with the body. Lymphedema drainage is a kind of light, rhythmic, slow massage performed on the skin surface to drain the edema accumulated in the body with the hands.

Intra-Articular Injections: The solution recommended by the specialist to the problem joint area is the injection of drugs to the treatment.

Neural Therapy: Neural therapy is a medical injection therapy that diagnoses and treats local disorders of the autonomic nervous system.

Kinesiological Banding: Banding treatment is a treatment method performed by using an elastic band, to prevent muscle spasms, stabilize joints, reduce inflammation, reduce pains, and strengthen the muscles and tendons.

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