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Crown Hair Transplant Turkey

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    Crown Hair Transplant in Turkey with TAS Hospital

    “Our hair transplant price for up to 5000 grafts is $3500.”

    The crown area, which is one of the hair loss areas, is one of the most common types of hair loss today. This hair loss, which is common in men and women, affects the person mentally and physically in general. For this reason, hair loss in the crown area is very important. If you are complaining about hair loss in your crown area and want to learn more about crown hair transplantation, you can learn more about the subject by reviewing our content called “Crown Hair Transplant Turkey”. We wish you all good reading and healthy days.

    What is Crown (Vertex) Hair Transplant?

    Crown hair transplant, also known as vertex hair transplantation, is a hair transplantation method applied to the upper part of the head where hair loss is most prominent. This hair transplant method targets the area affected by genetic hair loss, which usually occurs in men, and covers the area starting from the forehead line and moving towards the crown.

    With this crown hair transplant process, the sparse appearance of the upper part of the scalp is reduced and a more natural, voluminous and lush appearance is obtained. For this reason, if you are experiencing a decrease in the crown area, you can consult a specialist hair transplant without wasting time and experience a safe crown hair transplant process.

    crown hair transplant turkey
    how is vertex hair transplant performed

    How is Vertex Hair Transplant Performed?

    Contrary to popular belief, Vertex hair transplantation consists of a very easy and simple process. This process can be done with FUE and DHI hair transplant techniques. However, in order to decide on these techniques, you need to have a detailed preliminary consultation with your hair transplant surgeon. In this detailed preliminary consultation, you should clearly communicate your wishes and expectations to the surgeon. In this way, you can achieve positive results after the procedure.

    After the preliminary consultation, the hair transplant technique to be performed is decided by examining the hair loss rates on the scalp and the quality of the hair follicles. In line with this decision, preparations are started. In these preliminary preparations, your hair transplant surgeon may recommend you to have a few tests. The reason for this is to obtain detailed information about your health status before surgery and to try to make an operation plan accordingly.

    After your tests, the procedure is started. During the procedure, hair follicles are taken from the donor area and transplanted to the crown area. For this, hair cannulas are opened. Hair follicles are carefully transplanted into the opened cannulas. Thus, the vertex hair transplant process is completed, the patient is hospitalized for 1 night in case of any possible negativity and then discharged. Afterwards, the patient can continue his/her normal daily life.

    Which Treatment Methods Are Available in Crown Hair Transplantation?

    There are 2 effective methods preferred for crown hair transplantation. The first one is FUE hair transplant technique and the other one is DHI hair transplant technique. These techniques are decided under the supervision of a specialized hair transplant surgeon. If we examine the techniques in terms of crown hair transplant;

    In the DHI hair transplant technique, the hair is taken from the donor area and transplanted directly into the crown of the hair follicles. This prevents the roots from deteriorating. However, this is a procedure that can be applied if there is less hair loss in the crown area. For this reason, this procedure is not very suitable if there is a lot of hair loss in the crown area.

    The FUE hair transplant technique is generally preferred in cases of excessive hair loss in the crown area. In this technique, the roots are kept in a special container filled with a mixture of blood and lotion. In this container, the roots mature and grow even more. Thus, it becomes ready for planting. The reason for this is to ensure that the roots are stronger due to the excessive shedding in the crown area.

    Change The Way You Look With Hair Transplant

    “Contact our expert hair transplant surgeons and achieve the strong and full head of hair you’ve always dreamed of.”

    vertex hair transplant timeline

    What Is The Timeline For The Vertex Hair Transplant?

    The hair transplant process in the vertex region is a process that varies from person to person. But in general, the growth period is a longer process compared to other regions. Because the blood flow to the crown area is less than other areas. For this reason, there is no need to worry. In general, the growth of hair follicles in the vertex area starts from the 6th month. However, the general growth shows itself from the 18th month. In short, the slow growth of the roots in the crown area is due to purely biological reasons. This situation never indicates that the procedure is negative.


    How Many Grafts Are Enough for the Peak Point?

    The number of grafts for the crown area varies according to the person’s shedding rate. Therefore, it would not be correct to say something definite. At this point, the hair loss rate should be analyzed in detail. However, on average, a 2500 graft transplantation is sufficient for the crown area. The distribution of this number of grafts is done as follows;

    The crown zone is divided into 3 areas. The first is the 5th region, 6th region and 7th region. The number of grafts required for these areas;

    • Zone 5: 880 grafts
    • Zone 6: 720 grafts
    • Zone 7: 680 grafts

    You can see this distribution more clearly in the image.

    hair crown zones
    what causes crown hair loss

    What Causes Crown Hair Loss?

    There are many reasons for hair loss in the crown area. These reasons vary depending on both the genetic structure and lifestyle of the person. However, the most common cause is androgenic alopecia, also known as male pattern hair loss. This hair loss is a hereditary condition that is passed on through genes and usually occurs at an advanced age. This type of hair loss usually starts from the hairline area and continues towards the crown area. Other causes of hair loss in the crown area are as follows;

    • Hormonal changes
    • Some medical illnesses
    • Infections of the scalp
    • Excessive stress
    • Side effects of medications (especially treatments and medications for cancer, gout and arthritis)

    Am I a Good Candidate for Crown Hair Transplant?

    The most fearful dream in hair loss is hair loss in the crown area. Crown hair loss is very common in women. If you are suffering from this situation and wondering “Am I a Good Candidate for Crown Hair Transplant?”. We suggest you answer these questions.

    • They say that hair loss in the crown area bothers you.
    • Do you want to dazzle with impressive and strong hair?
    • Do you like it when the hair in your crown area always looks as healthy as the first day?

    If you answered “Yes” to some or all of the above questions, we can say that you are a suitable candidate for hair transplantation in the crown area. Without wasting time, contact Tas hospital’s expert hair transplant surgeons immediately and create your treatment procedure. In this way, you can have a healthy and impressive crown area appearance in a short time.

    Crown Hair Transplant Turkey Before and After

    Why Should I Get a Vertex Hair Transplant in Turkey?

    Thousands of tourists prefer Turkey every year for hair transplantation. For this reason, the crown region of Turkey is among the leading countries in the world in terms of hair design.

    Süleyman TAS, one of the best plastic surgeons in Turkey, creates miracles in the field of crown hair transplantation at Taş Hospital. Thus, it gives you the image of your dreams.

    • Assoc. Süleyman TAS has an International Hair Transplant Surgery certificate.
    • He is a member of associations such as International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, American Society of Plastic Surgeons, World Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery, where new developments in hair transplantation are presented.
    • To achieve painless and painless results in female hair transplantation, he prefers to use sapphire-tipped instruments instead of traditional steel surgical instruments.
    vertex hair transplant in turkey
    crown hair transplant cost in turkey

    How Much Does a Crown Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey?

    The cost of crown hair transplantation in Turkey is much more affordable than in European countries. The main reason for this is that there is a great competition in crown hair transplantation in Turkey. For this reason, crown hair transplantation prices vary. The main reason why the crown hair transplantation method varies in Turkey;

    • The main reason for the low cost of crown hair transplantation in Turkey is the significant incentives offered to hair transplant centers by the Ministry of Health.
    • Due to the exchange rate difference, crown hair transplantation costs in Turkey are more affordable than in other countries.
    • Finally, since there is a lot of health equipment production in Turkey, the materials used are more affordable. For this reason, crown hair transplantation method costs are low.

    Tas hospital offers quality services with its accurate diagnosis, planning and post-treatment services in the crown method. By meeting with Tas hospital hair transplant specialists, you can benefit from the advantageous price procedure and affordable crown transplantation procedures without wasting time.

    Gunzel K.

    Confident team. After a successful initial examination and consultation, we went to surgery the following day. This was very pleasant and you always have the feeling that you are in good hands. Now after 4 days I am expectant about the result and am very confident.

    Emily Rose Jones

    It is an amazing treatment, I am a patient from the UK and my friends now want to fly to get this done as I am so happy with the results! I got my new hair with hair transplant treatment.

    Geordie Lord

    Visited TAS Hospital for hair transplants to hide my sunroof , Brilliant service and staff.. Looking forward to seeing results.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Crown Hair Transplant

    With the developing technology, it is now possible to perform hair transplantation without shaving. For this reason, unshaven hair transplantation is also known as unshaven hair transplantation. In this way, your existing hair follicles will camouflage the procedure as much as possible, so it will not be generally understood that you have a hair transplant.

    The most important point to be considered after vertex hair transplantation is the way you sleep. At this point, you should avoid sleeping on your back as much as possible. For this reason, it is imperative that you either sleep on your side or face down so as not to put pressure on the follicles. You also need to make sure that your head is elevated while sleeping. This way the blood flow will be healthier.

    Yes, beards can be used for vertex hair transplantation. However, while doing this, care should be taken to ensure that the hair type of the person and the hair in the beard are compatible. Otherwise, natural and voluminous results will not be obtained.

    The number of grafts required for hair transplantation in the crown area may vary from person to person, because everyone's hair loss rate is different from each other. For this reason, it is not possible to say the number of grafts directly.

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