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Hair Transplant Turkey Reviews

Hair transplant is a very popular procedure recently. This procedure renews the self-confidence of the person. For this reason, thousands of people visit hair transplant clinics every year and have the procedure done. Turkey, which has many rich alternatives in terms of hair transplant clinics, has developed a lot in this field. The main reason for this is that it has thousands of expert hair transplant surgeons and uses the latest advanced techniques.

In this content, we have compiled the comments of patients who have hair transplantation in Turkey, which is one of the most important destinations for hair transplantation. By reading the comments and having information about the hair transplantation process in Turkey, you can have preliminary information about the treatment procedure. We wish you all good reading.

Fue Hair Transplant Turkey Reviews

FUE hair transplant is a technique that provides many advantages and is frequently used by patients. Thanks to this technique, they have more lush and healthy hair. Below are FUE hair transplantation comments from our patients. By reading these comments, you can have more information about FUE hair transplant.

Muhammed S.

Four months ago, I came to Turkey for a hair transplant on the recommendation of my cousin because my cousin had a hair transplant in Turkey last year and was quite satisfied. The Hospital’s friendly patient managers helped me overcome this fear. The FUE technique consisting of 2500 grafts was applied to my hair. Although it has been 4 months after the procedure, I am very satisfied with the result and I thank the whole team.

Anna S.

My hair loss was at a very high level and this situation was starting to bother me. While I was looking for a solution for this, my friend at my school told me that we could have a hair transplant in Turkey. In order to make use of the summer vacation, we went to Turkey to have a hair transplant. 2050 grafts were transplanted to my hair using the FUE technique. The result after the transplantation satisfied me very much. Thank you very much for this beautiful and healthy hair

Anders G.

I was ridiculed for my weight and I started to do heavy diet programs for this. The diet programs I did and the slimming pills I used caused my hair to fall out intensely. Especially in the front of the hair, there was very little hair left. Although this event worried me, I had to find an urgent solution. For this reason, I decided to come to Turkey and have a hair transplant without wasting time. After my doctor checked my hair follicles and hair loss intensity, he said that the FUE technique would be suitable for me. For this, a 1020 graft hair transplant was performed. Although I was worried throughout the hair transplantation, I was also very excited. When the transplantation was over, my doctor told me that I should come to the first wash two days later. When I went 2 days later, my doctor did my first washing and care procedures and told me to be very careful. Now it has been 20 days since the hair transplantation and I am having a very comfortable process, so I thank my doctor in Turkey very much.

Sapphire FUE Transplant Turkey Reviews

Sapphire FUE is an advanced FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique used in hair transplantation. It shares similar principles with the traditional FUE technique, but uses sapphire-tipped surgical blades specially designed for the extraction and transplantation of hair follicles. Below are the comments of our patients who have experienced this method. By reading the comments, you can have information about the process.

Oscar G.

Hair transplant prices in my country are quite expensive, so I was looking for an alternative city. At this point, I came across Turkey. The prices in Turkey were quite affordable compared to my country. When I did some calculations, both hair transplantation and vacation costs were quite affordable for me. Therefore, I decided to go to Turkey and have a hair transplant. After my doctor examined my scalp, he applied the sapphire FUE technique and 1280 grafts were transplanted to my scalp with this technique. It has been 1 year since the transplantation and now the appearance of my hair is incredible. So thank you to my doctor Dr. Suleyman TAS.

Emanuel K.

I had a hair transplant in the USA 2 years ago, but the transplanted hair was never successful. Second revision hair transplantation was necessary. I searched a lot of places for this and decided that the best place for this is Turkey. The clinic I preferred met me with a private vehicle and took me to the clinic. After my hair was examined in the clinic, the process started, it was going to be a very difficult process, but I got rid of this bad hair appearance with the sapphire FUE technique. Thank you to everyone who helped me to have beautiful hair.

Naser A.

I used to value my hair very much. My hair meant everything to me, but due to improper care, dye applications and excessive heat exposure for the last 5 years, my hair burned and started to fall out in the burned areas. Due to wrong interventions in the hair loss area, new hair did not grow. This situation was affecting my social life a lot. I was always wearing a hat so that no one could see the baldness in the balding areas. Until last year. Last year, I organized a vacation trip to Turkey with my family. While making this trip, it occurred to me that Turkey is quite successful in hair transplantation. I realized my vacation in Eyüpsultan, which is close to where we vacationed. The sapphire FUE technique was performed on the side and top of my hair. 1288 grafts were applied with this technique. Although I felt mild pain after the transplantation, I recovered in a short time with the medications given by my doctor and continued to explore Istanbul. I would like to thank my doctor Süleyman Taş and his team for the wonderful hair transplantation process.

Jasmin R.

I am an African American living and studying in the U.S. I am both a student and a worker in the U.S. I cannot have a hair transplant because life is expensive here. But I am graduating this year and I wanted to attend my graduation with magnificent hair. So we went to Turkey to have a pre-graduation vacation with my boyfriend and to perform my hair transplant. From the moment we went to Turkey, the team took very good care of me. From the moment I landed at the airport, they left us at the hotel and came to pick us up again in the morning for the operation. The operation took approximately 3-4 hours. They were extremely meticulous during this time and this made me happy. Also, since I am a black American, my hair follicles are different. As a result of this technique with Afro hair transplantation, it has a beautiful appearance, so I am laughing.

Alexandra L.

3 years ago, I was pregnant with my baby. Actually, it was the most beautiful thing in the world, but while I was pregnant, my hair started to fall out rapidly. My hair, which returned to normal after pregnancy, started to become sparse because there was too much hair loss. And this situation was shaking my self-confidence. In order to solve this situation, I decided to go to Turkey with my husband and have a hair transplant. Since my husband is Turkish, he said that the hair transplant prices are affordable and there are quality doctors there. I immediately went to Turkey and started hair transplantation procedures. In the clinic, the doctors analyzed the hair production and hair loss rates and made tests. As a result of these analyzes, they decided to perform sapphire FUE procedure on my hair. My doctor, who said that my hair was mainly shedding at the vertex, said that 960 grafts would be sufficient for this area. After the professional and successful procedure, I did not feel any pain and pain. Of course, I paid attention to the warnings of my doctor because he said that these would speed up my healing process. I am glad I chose Turkey for hair transplantation.

DHI Hair Transplant Turkey Reviews

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) is a technique used in hair transplantation and is a method in which hair follicles are placed directly into the area to be transplanted with a special device. With the mentioned DHI technique, you can have eye-catching and healthy hair. Below are the DHI comments from our patients we have included. After reading these comments, you can have a lot of information about the DHI hair transplantation process.

Jack R.

My girlfriend and I are planning to get married next year. In this process, I want my appearance to be very good. For this reason, I also thought about having a hair transplant. Although I was cautious about this issue at first, I decided to have a hair transplant with the support of my girlfriend. After a short research, we decided that Turkey is more suitable for hair transplantation. We chose Tas Hospital to have a hair transplant in Turkey. In this clinic, which is advantageous in many aspects, 960 grafts of hair were transplanted to my scalp with the DHI technique. I was very pleased with the result after the transplantation. Because the transplanted hair looked quite natural and healthy. After hair transplantation, my care was also done by doctors. Now I am ready for the wedding 🙂 If you are thinking of having a hair transplant, I definitely recommend you to choose Tas Hospital.

Antoni P.

I’m a young model in my country. Therefore, my appearance is very important. My hair started to fall out due to my busy work schedule. When I talked to my manager about this situation, he told me that he would do research. As a result of his research, he said that we could go to Turkey and there would be a team there to take care of the whole hair transplant process. Without wasting time, we went there, where DHI hair transplantation was performed. After a 1280 graft transplantation, I regained my old vibrant and healthy hair. Moreover, although I had a fashion show 1 month after the transplantation, no one realized that I had a hair transplant when I went on the fashion show 🙂 This situation made me very happy.

Francesco L.

My hair loss, which was not a problem before, caused the end of my relationship. I had a 1 year long relationship. I loved my girlfriend very much. But for the last 3 months she told me that she didn’t like it like she used to and that she didn’t like the bald look. This hurt me a lot. Maybe it was okay that we broke up, but it affected me deeply that she broke up with me for this reason. After I broke up with my girlfriend, my friends and I went to Turkey to get myself together because Turkey is a very suitable country in terms of vacation. We chose Istanbul in Turkey and Istanbul is a fun city in terms of nightlife. After I cleared my head and recovered for a week here. I started to plan to create a new version of myself. For this, I first decided to have a hair transplant. I chose one of the best hair transplant centers in Istanbul and went for a preliminary interview. After the preliminary interview, it was planned to transplant 2000 grafts to my hair with the DHI technique. This preliminary interview excited me. Because I was going to have a super hair appearance. The process started without wasting time. My procedure took an average of 2 hours. At the end of the transplantation, I paid attention to all the things my doctor said. Now it has been 1 year since the transplantation and I have gorgeous hair. And a gorgeous lover 🙂

Even Y.

Last year I had a hair transplant in my country. At first I thought it would be beautiful, but as the hair started to grow, I realized that the hair direction looked funny after the hair transplant. While doing a short research on the internet to find a solution to this, I saw something called revision hair transplantation in Turkey. Is this a procedure for people who have problems like me. I immediately bought my plane ticket and went to Turkey. After doing research in Turkey, I decided on a hair transplant clinic. When I went there, they were very interested in me and this made me very happy. When my doctor examined my hair, he said it was fixable. I didn’t have much hope but I had no other choice. For this reason, revision hair transplantation was performed with the DHI method. 6 months after the revision hair transplantation, my hair was completely different. This amazed me. I am glad I chose Turkey for hair transplantation.

Micro DHI Hair Transplant Reviews

“Micro DHI Hair Transplant” is a derivative of the DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) method and is a technique frequently used in the field of hair transplantation. In this technique, hair follicles are collected one by one and transplanted using a special DHI pen (implanter). If you are going to have the Micro DHI method, you can have more information about the process by reading the comments of our patients.

Halsey N.

Three years ago, I lost my dear friend and this sadness caused my hair to fall out region by region and over time I became bald. Both the death of my friend and the loss of my hair made me even sadder. People around me were saying that I needed to recover. I guess I had to start with my hair. Therefore, I came to Turkey for hair transplantation, both to have a vacation and to regain my old lush hair. When I came to Turkey, the hair transplant clinic welcomed me very nicely and took me to the clinic for the procedure. After the analyzes were made here, my doctor transplanted 800 micro DHI grafts to my hair. After the transplantation, I stayed in Turkey for 1 week and all the necessary procedures were done to my hair during this process. It has been 8 months since the hair transplantation and my hair is now in very good condition. Thank you to the whole team for my beautiful hair.

Eleanor C.

4 months later, I had an engagement and I want to have a look that will create a feeling of perfect admiration in my engagement. For this reason, I went to Istanbul, the main heart of health tourism. I had to take care of the hair transplantation process until the engagement. My hair actually did not have a bald appearance, but I wanted it to look more lush. My hair is too sparse. For this reason, I told my doctor about my wishes. My doctor said that he would apply micro DHI technique in this direction. Saying that 400 grafts would be enough for a lush appearance, my doctor stated that the process would be finished within 1- 1.5 time and the process was finished within the time my doctor said. I had an engagement. At my engagement, no one even realized that I had a hair transplant. I gave my hair the shape I wanted. Thank you Dr. Suleyman Tas and his team for giving me a wonderful gift on my engagement day.

Felicite T.

One of the issues that I was most anxious about while having hair transplantation in Turkey was, firstly, how natural it would be and secondly, how durable it would be. After my doctor did the micro dh procedure on my hair, I realized that these thoughts were unwarranted because the mmicro DHI hair transplantation was quite natural and did not look bad or poor quality in any way. For this reason, I am glad I had a hair transplant procedure. Turkey is definitely number 1 in this regard.

Female Hair Transplant Turkey Reviews

Women, like men, can experience hair loss due to stre, hormonal or postpartum reasons. This is a very natural process. Therefore, there is no need to worry. You can completely eliminate this situation, which significantly reduces self-confidence, with female hair transplantation. By reviewing the comments of our patients about female hair transplantation, you can have general information about the female hair transplantation process.

Noor K.

Due to genetic reasons, hair loss was very common in my family. For this reason, my hair started to fall out and when the hair loss stopped, there was no hair left on my scalp. This situation worried me a lot. When I told my brother about it, he told me to come to him and we could have hair transplantation here at a very affordable price. So I went to Turkey without wasting time. 2500 grafts of hair transplantation was done here. Now, although 5 months have passed since the hair transplantation, her hair has started to grow slowly and become thicker. No one around me realized that I had a hair transplant. I thank my doctor for this.

Emily R.

I am a local thespian in my own country. Next month, I am taking part in a big musical in the U.S. I was thinking of having a small hair transplant procedure to look beautiful for the audience. For this, I decided to have a hair transplant in Turkey where my musical will be held. I went to Turkey 1 month before the musical and had a hair transplant. They took special care of me during this transplant process. They made me very satisfied with the post-transplant hair care, private transfers and the privileges of the 5-star hotel where I stayed. Therefore, you should definitely choose Turkey for hair transplantation.

Leila H.

Last year I had a small car accident and as a result of this accident I lost most of my hair. there was very little hair left on only one part of my head. I looked so scary, people were running away when they saw me. I came to Turkey to get rid of this situation and to rest my head. While I was on vacation, the idea of hair transplantation, which I saw in internet advertisements, was in my mind. For this reason, I had a hair transplant operation in a private clinic in Turkey. The application took 6 hours because it was a difficult procedure. During this time, a total of 4200 grafts were applied to my hair. Although it takes quite a long time, I know that I will get very good results as a result. I would like to thank the aş hospital doctors who were with me in this process, helped me regain my self-confidence and helped me not to forget all the bad moments.

İsabella G.

One of the things I was afraid of during the hair transplantation treatment process in Turkey was definitely whether it would look fake after the transplantation. But the hair transplantation process was so professional and high quality that I achieved amazing results even 2 months after the procedure. My hair never looked artificial. If you have concerns like me, I suggest you to put your fears aside and have the hair procedure done. You will be very happy afterwards.

Sophia M.

When I came to Turkey to visit my family, my mother kept telling me that I should have a hair transplant because it was a simple procedure and there was nothing to be afraid of. But I was very afraid of the hair transplant treatment because I thought that I would experience a lot of pain during the procedure. My mother told me that these thoughts were unfounded and convinced me to go to the nearest hair transplant clinic in Istanbul. The hair transplant doctor at this clinic told me that my worries were unwarranted because I would not feel pain because local anesthesia would numb that area. I really did not feel pain or pain during the treatment process. This situation was really incredible.

Emma W.

My hair has been falling out since adolescence as long as I can remember. I visited Istanbul to stop the increasing hair loss, especially due to stress. I found an affordable and high quality hair transplant center here. and I went here and started my treatment. My hair was transplanted with 945 grafts of hair. It has been 1 week since I had the procedure done and I am excited about how the results will be.

Hair Transplant in İstanbul Reviews

Istanbul has recently developed considerably in terms of health tourism. Istanbul, which has achieved great success especially in hair transplantation, stands out with its natural and historical beauties, expert hair transplant doctors and hair transplant clinics. If you are going to have a hair transplant procedure in Istanbul, we strongly recommend you to read the hair transplant experiences of our patients in Istanbul.

David T.

I live in England and hair transplant prices are quite expensive here. Since I am a student here, I do not have the money to afford a hair transplant. But I could go to Turkey for hair transplantation because hair transplantation prices are very affordable in Turkey. Without wasting time, I went to Istanbul by reading the comments on the internet. After having a hair transplant in Istanbul, I joined many tours to experience the city. This is really the most beautiful place in terms of health tourism, you should definitely come here.

Olivia O.

Two months ago we came to Istanbul for my brother’s hair transplantation. After my brother had a successful surgery process, we made a trip with my brother to see the historical places in Istanbul. Istanbul is really an incredible city in this sense. I highly recommend Istanbul, which is an excellent option in terms of both health services and historical beauties, in terms of health tourism. My brother had a successful hair transplantation process and we saw beautiful places. For this reason, I am fascinated by Istanbul. It looks like I will come here again 🙂

Tom F.

I had decided to have a hair transplant, which I had postponed for a long time to reward myself and at the same time to pamper myself a little. During this time, I did a long research and research told me that I had to go to Istanbul. Because Istanbul was very convenient compared to other cities, I went to the hair transplant center in Istanbul without wasting time and had my procedures done. While waiting for the first hair washing process, the hair transplant clinic took me around the historical places in Istanbul to tour the city a little. First Hagia Sophia, then the Grand Bazaar, then the Basilica Cistern and Topkapi Palace, I had the opportunity to visit many places in 3 days. If you want to have healthy hair and see new places. Istanbul will undoubtedly be the best place.

You can experience a flawless and professional hair transplantation process by reading reviews for hair transplant Turkey procedure. If you would like to learn more about the treatment process, you can contact Taş Hospital’s expert team of doctors.

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