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hair transplant gone wrong causes and solutions

Hair Transplant Gone Wrong?: Causes and Solutions

Today, many people undergo hair transplant for certain reasons such as balding or hair loss. However, at this point, people who have hair transplant cannot get the results they want, and sometimes the result of the hair transplant process can be quite wrong. In this case, the person may experience both physical and mental problems. “Was Hair Transplant Done Wrong?: Causes and Solutions”, we will take the results, causes and correction processes of bad hair transplant procedures. In this way, you will be able to find answers to many questions you have about failed hair transplant results. We wish you all a healthy day.

Can Hair Transplant Gone Wrong?

Recently, many people have undergone hair transplant. These people who have hair transplant sometimes encounter results they do not want. This may be due to reasons such as the doctor being uninformed and inexperienced. For this reason, wrong results may be encountered in hair transplant.

This situation can affect the person both psychologically and physically. Because the person who encounters a bad hair transplant result is psychologically more insecure in his social life and experiences problems such as depression and isolates himself against social life. Thus, the person experiences great mental distress. Physically, due to bad hair transplant, the person will have a bad hair appearance, while at the same time having an artificial hair appearance that does not look realistic.

Why Hair Transplant Results Fail?

There are many reasons for bad hair transplants. While some of these are caused by the person, some situations may be caused by the doctor. Let’s examine these reasons together;

Failure to Use Appropriate Hair Transplant Technique

When a person’s hair follicles are not analyzed well, wrong hair transplant techniques may be preferred. This situation causes the wrong hair transplant technique to be used for the patient. For example; The FUT technique, which used to be preferred among hair transplant procedures, is also preferred now. Because the FUT technique is not only an old technique, but also an application that leaves a lot of scars after hair transplant. For this reason, the more advanced FUE and DHI techniques should be preferred instead of the FUT technique.

Inadequate Experience of the Surgeon

Surgeon experience is a very important criterion in hair transplant procedures. Because the experience of the surgeon plays a major role in all processes from hairline design to hair graft extraction. Otherwise, incorrect hair transplant may occur due to reasons such as incorrect hairline designs, incorrectly extracted grafts. For this reason, the experience of the surgeon is very important in a correct hair transplant.

Incorrect Communication with the Patient

Patient and doctor communication is very important in correct and healthy hair transplant. For this, the doctor should listen to the patient’s wishes and needs well and evaluate them in detail. At this point, the doctor and the patient play a big role. The patient should establish an open communication with the doctor and explain their wishes and expectations correctly. The doctor, on the other hand, should listen and evaluate these requests and expectations of the patient in a good way. In this way, more successful results can be achieved in hair transplant.

Improper Care Practice

The most important process after hair transplant is the maintenance process. During the maintenance process, the patient has full control. It is impossible to get bad results after hair transplant with proper and regular care. For this reason, the first care after hair transplant should definitely be done by the doctor. After the first care, the patient should do it within the guidelines given by the doctor. In addition, the patient should pay attention to the warnings and recommendations made by the doctor. Otherwise, bad results may be obtained in hair transplant.

Using the Wrong Equipment

Some clinics may use the wrong equipment in hair transplant procedures. For example, the use of another equipment instead of Choi pen in the clinic using the FUE technique leads to negative results of the hair transplant process. At the beginning of these results, there may be situations such as damage to the transplanted area and infection of the donor area. For this reason, make sure that the correct equipment is used during hair transplant procedures.

What Happens When Hair Transplant is Gone Wrong?

When hair transplant procedures are performed incorrectly, unfortunately, there are not very encouraging results. These results can sometimes cause irreversible consequences for the person. These consequences affect the person psychologically and physically. These results are as follows;

Excessive Damage to the Donor Site

First of all, if we need to explain the donor area, the donor area is the area where the hair follicles are taken from the patient during hair transplantation. It is necessary to be very careful and plan well when taking hair grafts in this area. Therefore, while taking hair grafts from the donor area, hair grafts should never be taken from the sparse area. Grafts taken from the sparse area may cause the hair in the donor area to decrease, thin or be damaged. For this reason, the donor area should be well examined before transplant and then it should be decided whether hair grafts can be taken.

Large Scars

The most common situation we encounter in hair transplantation can cause large-scale scars. This is because the doctor is inexperienced and chooses the wrong technique. For example, the FUT technique is an old technique that causes a lot of scars. For this reason, if the doctor is inexperienced, he/she prefers the easy and short FUT technique, causing more scars in the head area of the person.

Hair Infection

The most important factor to be considered during hair transplant is hygiene rules. As in every operation, hygiene should be given great importance in hair transplant operations. For this, the equipment must be carefully sterilized before and after the procedure. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that the area where the procedure is performed is clean. Otherwise, the hair follicles will become infected and become infected. When hair follicles become infected, itching, inflammation, abscesses and pus occur. If this condition is not treated, sepsis occurs in the head area. If these sepsis are not treated, the person may die due to the risk of infection.

Necrosis Infection

Incorrect graft placement, transplanting more than 2,500 grafts in a single session, dangerous incisions, and smoking and alcohol use after the procedure cause necrosis infection of the scalp. When necrosis occurs, the blood supply to the scalp is suddenly cut off, causing a lack of oxygen in that area. As soon as the blood supply is cut off, brown and black spots appear on the scalp. This indicates that the living cells in the scalp have died. Because when a regular and healthy blood flow cannot be provided to the living cells in the scalp, the cells die after a while due to lack of oxygen. This situation can generally occur due to the administration of too much epinephrine to stop bleeding during the procedure. In order to prevent necrosis, the procedure must be performed in clean clinics. In addition, hair transplant procedures that will cause excessive bleeding should be avoided.

Poor Hair Growth

The expected results after hair transplant are more lush and voluminous hair. However, sometimes due to incorrect hair transplant procedures, hair follicles do not grow sufficiently, resulting in the appearance of weak hair. The main reason for this situation is that the grafts are implanted incorrectly. Due to improperly implanted follicles, the follicles may die and new hair will not grow. To understand whether you are experiencing this condition, you need to examine the appearance of your hair in detail after the shock hair loss process. If your hair grows lushly after shock hair loss, it can be said that your grafts were implanted correctly. If, on the contrary, the grafts have a lifeless and scrawny appearance after shock shedding, then we can say that your hair grafts are not implanted correctly.

Unnatural Hairline

Hairline; It is a factor that greatly affects whether the hair transplant technique looks natural or not. An unnatural-looking hairline causes the person to experience aesthetic problems. For example, the hair transplant process makes it look quite artificial and negatively noticeable. It also causes irregular and unhealthy growth of hair follicles. The person experiencing this situation may experience psychological self-confidence problems. In order to avoid the aforementioned situation, the doctor should thoroughly analyze the patient’s face shape and design the hairline in proportion to the face shape. Otherwise, the results are not at all as expected. For detailed information on this subject, you can review our blog called Front Hairline Design in Hair Transplantation.

Old Hair Transplant Techniques

When we examine the old hair transplant techniques, we can see that they are not very successful techniques. Especially the FUT technique is a procedure that seriously damages the hair follicles. Because in the donor area, a certain part of the hair is cut directly without collecting it. In this donor area, which is cut off, there may be more risk of infection over time. In addition, the possibility of scarring can be even higher. For this reason, new generation hair transplant techniques should be preferred instead of old hair transplant methods. In this way, a faster healing process can be experienced and the hair grows in a healthier way.

Cyst Formation

Cyst formation after a hair transplant operation is the most obvious sign of a failed hair transplant operation. Cysts may occur on the scalp after a hair transplant procedure that is not performed correctly. These cysts occur as a result of inflammation or blockage of the hair follicles. For this reason, swelling filled with pus may occur on the scalp. To prevent this from happening, first of all, the transplant process must be provided under hygienic conditions. In addition, the transplant procedure should be performed carefully by a specialist surgeon. Otherwise, undesirable situations may occur.

How to Fix Bad Hair Transplants?

If you have experienced or are experiencing the conditions listed above, there is no need to worry. Because it is possible to treat and correct these problems. For this, you need to work with a specialized surgeon. The procedures that the specialist surgeon will apply to correct the wrong hair transplant results are as follows.

Revision Hair Transplant

Revision hair transplant, known as a savior procedure in bad hair transplant, is a very easy and simple procedure. This procedure is a hair transplant procedure performed to correct problems or fill in missing areas if the results of a previous hair transplant procedure are not satisfactory or the desired results are not achieved. For more detailed information, you can review our Second Hair Transplant blog post.

What Should I Do to Avoid Bad Hair Transplant Results?

There are important points to be considered to avoid a bad hair transplant experience. By paying attention to these points, you can have a healthy hair transplant process.

  • Confirm All Information
    While doing research on hair transplant clinic and doctor, you should definitely go into details first. For this, you first need to verify the certificate of the doctor and the clinic. The only thing you need to do for this is if the doctor says that he has ISHRS membership, you need to query your doctor from the “find a doctor” section on ISHRS. You can also query the Turkish Ministry of Health. Thus, you can have information about the safety of the doctor and the clinic.
  • Communicate Openly with Your Doctor
    If you have decided to have a hair transplant, be sure to tell your doctor your wishes and expectations in a clear language. Because as a result of a closed communication, the doctor will not fully understand your wishes and needs. As a result, bad hair transplantation procedures occur. For this reason, explain your wishes and desires in detail as much as possible.
  • Don’t Forget to Ask Questions
    Asking questions is very effective in hair transplant as in every operation. By asking questions, you will have no question marks in your mind about the process and you can also have an idea about the doctor’s experience and experience. In this way, you can also have an idea about the process.
  • Do Not Neglect Your Care Routines
    Care routines greatly affect the hair transplantation process. In order for the results to be even better and the possible results to be positive after the hair transplant procedure, you need to pay attention to the care routines. For this, in addition to paying attention to the recommendations and warnings given by your doctor, you should also perform your care routines completely without interruption. This will help you achieve better results.

If you want to achieve successful results in hair transplant in Turkey, you can have a healthy hair transplant process by having a preliminary meeting with TAS hospital’s expert hair transplant doctors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Hair Transplant Fail After 1 Year?

If you do not perform hair care regularly or do not take into account the recommendations and warnings made by the doctor, you may encounter unsuccessful results even 1 year after the hair transplant procedure. For this reason, be sure to pay attention to the care and recommendations to avoid hair loss 1 year after hair transplantation.

What Percentage of Hair Transplants Go Wrong?

When we consider hair transplantation procedures in general, we see that the rate of wrong operation is only 2%. This may be due to the doctor and the clinic, but it may also be due to the person.

What Happens if I am Not Satisfied With The Hair Transplant Results?

If you are not satisfied with the results of hair transplant, you can have a revision hair transplant procedure. In this way, you can achieve the results you want in a short time and have more natural looking hair.

Can Hair Implants Go Wrong?

The results of hair transplant procedures may be wrong. The most basic first reason for this can be shown as not being performed by inexperienced people, under appropriate hygiene conditions and not applying the right technique correctly for the person. The second reason is that the person does not pay enough attention after the hair transplantation procedure and does not pay attention to the specified recommendations.

What Could Go Wrong Hair Transplant?

In hair transplant procedures, hair follicles may be damaged, the transplanted hair follicles may not grow or inflammation may occur in the hair follicles. In addition, improper transplantation procedures can cause serious scars and unstoppable hair loss.

Is Turkey Hair Transplant Safe?

Hair transplant in Turkey is a very reliable procedure. Because there are many doctors and clinics experienced in hair transplantation in Turkey. For this reason, hair transplantation in Turkey achieves very successful results.

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