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How to Make a Beard and Mustache Transplantation

How to transplant beard and moustache?

With beard and moustache transplantation, men give their natural accessories an aesthetic appearance. In this procedure, hair follicles taken from the nape of the neck are transplanted to beard and moustache areas where hair is absent or sparse.

Beard and moustache transplantation starts with blood analyses. According to the results of the blood tests, it is determined whether the person is suitable for the procedure. Then, the areas where the treatment will be applied are examined in detail. Every point that is shedding, sparse and needs to be filled with transplantation is meticulously determined. How many hair follicles will be applied and their locations are determined. The detected areas are transferred to the drawing, provided that they do not disrupt the natural facial contours.

After the preliminary preparation process is over, the application stage of hair and moustache transplantation is started. At this stage, FUE technique is commonly applied. According to this technique, the donor hair follicles required for hair and moustache transplantation are obtained from the neck. During the procedure, local anaesthesia is applied and the possibility of pain and suffering is eliminated. The point to be considered during hair follicle collection from the nape of the neck is that the hairs taken from the nape of the neck and the hairs in the hair and moustache are anatomically different from each other. Only specialists know which hair follicles to remove from the nape. The collected hair follicles are transplanted on very thin channels opened in the relevant area. During transplantation, it is very important to perform the procedure in accordance with the direction and angle of hair growth. The frequency of transplantation should be such as to allow them to be fed.

After beard and moustache transplantation, crusting may occur for a few days. However, this is a temporary condition, it does not have consequences that will affect daily life. It is very important that the environment provides sterile conditions during the beard and moustache transplantation process in which very thin channels are opened. Hospital environment should be preferred against the risk of infection. On the day of the procedure, clothes that will not cause friction should be preferred.

Can Everyone Grow Beard and Moustache?

Beard and moustache transplantation can be performed by all men who want to achieve a natural aesthetic appearance and have completed puberty. Although it is predicted that the procedure is more suitable for ages 24 and later, a personalised schedule is drawn up with blood tests and hormonal tests. The reason for aesthetic concerns may be sparseness or asymmetrical disorders observed in the beard and moustache. On the other hand, the disappearance of a part of the beard and moustache due to injuries, gender change, the state of being a slave caused by hormonal problems may make the beard and moustache transplantation procedure compulsory.


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