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Things to Ask Your Surgeon Before Hair Transplant

Things to Ask Your Surgeon Before Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is a subject that is still approached with hesitation today. The main reason for this is that there are many question marks in mind before the hair transplant operation. For example, questions such as “Will I get effective results after hair transplantation? Is the doctor who will perform my hair transplantation knowledgeable and experienced?” are among the most curious issues of patients. These questions cause patients to prefer Turkey. Because Turkey is making groundbreaking innovations in hair transplantation. Such innovations help to eliminate the question marks in the minds of patients about hair transplantation.

However, in some cases, even if the patient is completely relieved, there are many factors to be considered in hair transplantation. These factors not only ensure that the surgery is successful, but also ensure a rapid recovery after surgery. We can list these factors as follows;

  • If you are taking any medication routinely (blood thinners, etc.), it is useful to inform your doctor. In this way, you will be protected from negative effects that may affect the surgery.
  • You should definitely have a preliminary discussion with your doctor to determine the appropriate hair length before the surgery. Because having long hair in the donor area makes it easier to harvest hair during the operation.
  • You should definitely give vitamin pills before the procedure. Because this may affect the course of the operation. It may cause more bleeding.
  • Alcohol etc. before the procedure. it is useful to stay away from things.
  • On the morning of the operation, you should definitely stay away from hair care products such as gel, spray, etc. It will be enough to wash your hair with shampoo only on the morning of the procedure.
  • Wearing loose and comfortable clothes before the hair transplant procedure is beneficial for the process after hair transplantation.
  • Having a companion to accompany you after the procedure will benefit you.

What You Need to Ask to Understand the Qualifications of a Hair Transplant Surgeon

Before undergoing hair transplant surgery, there are many question marks in the minds. One of the most important of these question marks is the doctor’s experience. The doctor’s experience is the issue that patients are most concerned about. Because the doctor’s experience is an important factor that determines the outcome of the surgery. For this reason, a few questions you will ask your doctor before surgery will help you leave behind all your worries that may occur during surgery. Let’s take a look at the questions we have created together.

How many years of experience do you have in hair transplant surgery?

This question is definitely one of the most important questions you should ask your doctor. Learning about your doctor’s experience in hair transplantation will help you make a prediction about the success you will achieve in the surgery. Therefore, it is useful to ask this question to your doctor.

Do you have specialized training in dermatology or hair transplant surgery?

Dermatology and hair transplant surgery are directly related to hair transplantation. For this reason, the fact that your surgeon is trained in dermatology and hair transplantation provides an extra benefit during the operation process. For this reason, do not ignore this question when asking your doctor questions or doing research.

Where did you receive your medical/hair transplant surgery training?

In addition to receiving hair transplantation training, it is also important where it was received. Because the country or school where the training was received helps you to form positive / negative thoughts about the operation process. For example, it is a very good situation if your doctor has received training in Turkey. Because in Turkey, quality education is provided on hair transplantation. In this case, it contributes greatly to the knowledge of the physician.

Do you have certificates on hair transplantation? If yes, from which institutions/organizations?

As certificates are important in every line of business, they are also a very important factor in hair transplantation. In this way, you can learn in which institutions your doctor has received training, organized speeches and conducted studies. This way, you can have information about your doctor’s level of knowledge.

How do you decide which procedure is right for me?

This is the most important question that will help you to have a precise knowledge about the doctor’s experience. Because an experienced doctor has a definite decision about the hair transplantation technique he will apply to his patient. This is a situation that can occur over time and experience. If your doctor gives you detailed information about the technique he/she will apply when you ask this question, we can say that your doctor is experienced.

Do you have before and after pictures showing hair transplant results?

Before and after images are a factor that will help you to have preliminary information about the doctor’s experience. Because before and after images directly reflect the success of the doctor. The most important thing you should pay attention to in the images is how natural the result looks after the transplantation. Because the natural look will always be in harmony with your own hair.

Which type of hair transplant surgery do you perform?

An experienced doctor can apply many hair transplantation techniques in his surgeries. This is a factor that determines the experience of the doctor. If your doctor can apply all hair transplantation techniques and has achieved successful results from them, we can say that he is a successful hair transplant surgeon.

What You Need to Know About Hair Transplant Operation Process

In order not to have any worries during the hair transplantation process, you need to do detailed research. At this point, you should ask detailed questions about the operation process. These questions will help you to have information about the process. In this way, your worries and troubles about the operation process will disappear. Let’s take a look at the questions we have prepared for you about the hair transplantation process.

Am I an ideal candidate for hair transplant surgery?

This question is very important to have information about the hair transplant operation. Whether you need a hair transplant or not is also an indication of why your hair transplant result will be beneficial. For this reason, you should definitely ask this question when you schedule a preliminary consultation with your doctor. At the same time, if you want to find an answer to the question “Am I an ideal candidate for hair transplant surgery?”, you can contact us.

What Should I Do The Day Before Hair Transplant?

If you need to have information about the hair transplant operation, you should definitely include this question. Because in the process before hair transplantation, everything you need to pay attention to affects the hair transplantation process. For this reason, you should definitely take your doctor’s warnings and recommendations into consideration. In this way, you can achieve positive effects as a result of the process.

How long does it take to recover after the operation?

How long the operation will take to heal is a detail you need to know. Because this detail is generally stuck in the minds of some patients. In fact, it is not possible to give a clear answer to this question. However, the healing process varies from person to person, but it also varies according to the person’s attention to the postoperative warnings.

Will I need a second hair transplant?

Another question that patients are most curious about is whether they will need a second hair transplant. Because hair transplantation is a process that requires time and some patients are worried that they will not be able to devote time to this process again. In order to give a clear answer to this question, it would be healthier to observe the patient’s possible hair transplantation results and then give an answer.

Which hair transplant method is more suitable for me?

It is one of the first questions that many patients wonder before surgery. Because the person wants to know which technique will be applied before starting the procedure. For this reason, they often ask this question. If you want to get a clear answer to the aforementioned question, you should definitely have a preliminary interview with your hair transplant doctor before surgery. In this way, your hair can be analyzed in depth and the most suitable hair transplantation method can be determined for you. For detailed information on this subject, you can visit our FUE hair transplant and DHI hair transplant page.

What are the complications and side effects I may encounter after transplantation?

The most curious question of patients after hair transplantation is undoubtedly the side effects and complications experienced after the operation. These complications and side effects are in parallel with the warnings that the person pays attention to. If the person complies with the instructions after the transplantation and takes care of his/her care carefully, there are no side effects or complications. Therefore, a lot of attention should be paid after surgery.

Is it normal for me to experience hair loss after the operation?

Hair loss after the operation is a concern for many people. But there is no need to worry. Because it is normal to have sudden and shock hair loss after the procedure. Because the hair loss that occurs after the procedure is a sign that your hair has grown, so it is shedding because it is trying to open the ground. For this reason, it is normal to have spills for a possible 1-2 months.

What kind of a process awaits me after hair transplantation?

The most curious question of patients after hair transplantation is what kind of a process awaits them after hair transplantation. Contrary to popular belief, the process to be experienced after hair transplantation will be quite comfortable and relaxed. However, this is parallel to how much attention the person pays after hair transplantation. If the person has taken the necessary warnings and precautions after transplantation, the process will be very comfortable and comfortable. Otherwise, undesirable results may be obtained.

If you want to find answers to all the questions you have in mind before hair transplants turkey, you can create a pre-consultation with the professional hair transplant specialists of TAS Hospital by filling out the form on the contact page.

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