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What is Nose Aesthetics Age Limit?

In the question of what is the age limit of rhinoplasty, it is more important to recognize the procedure before age. At first glance, it’s about facial symmetry, which is important for psychological health. It is the correction of defects that cannot be corrected anywhere else.

What is Rhinoplasty

The development and improvement of some techniques in the field of medicine has turned nose surgery into a much easier surgery in today’s conditions. Nowadays, almost everyone is able to breathe more healthily and have the nose they want by eliminating the obstacles with aesthetic surgery. In other words, the issue of what is the age limit of rhinoplasty has an answer that covers almost everyone.

Rhinoplasty is an aesthetic surgery that connects the bone and cartilage structures in the shape of the nose located in this structure.

Rhinoplasty, which is a general name, includes subheadings such as environmental aesthetics and aesthetic manipulation. Rhinoplasty is performed to eliminate disorders that occur later due to trauma or are congenital in the nose.

Plastic Surgery and Nose

You can perform one or more operations, such as shaping (rebuilding) the nose, deforming it, or correcting some defects.

Nose tissue is an important factor in those considering rhinoplasty, so it is important to check the tests performed with your surgeon. Rhinoplasty studies should be performed by surgeons who are familiar with the field of surgery since even the slightest intervention can have very important consequences. Rhinoplasty prices are not from sources such as blogs, but from information that should be learned from real doctors and clinics.

It may take 6-12 months of recovery to achieve exactly the expected results. This process depends on the size of the nose surgery, the structure of the nasal tissue, or the severity of the problem. There may also be applications that you can use immediately to accurately present the look you are looking for.

Tip Plasty Aesthetics

Issues related to rhinoplasty and especially the tip of the nose include:

  • If the tip of the nose is wider than it should be
  • If you have a nose tip that looks pinched
  • If your nostrils are not symmetrical with each other
  • If you have a droopy nose tip
  • If the tip of the nose should be lifted
  • If you have a pointy nose, this procedure may be suitable for you.

Rhinoplasty and lower-end aesthetic surgery are used around the above problems. These surgeries treat only the soft tissue and cartilage at the tip of the nose without touching the nasal bones. For this reason, this surgery is easier than general rhinoplasty.

Why is Rhinoplasty Performed

The first reason for rhinoplasty is the occurrence of respiratory problems due to congenital or advanced nasal disorders.

The curvature and dislocation of the nasal bones, the shape seen in the cartilage structure, the excess of the nose, and the asymmetry of the nose structure are the reasons for rhinoplasty operations. Personal preferences play a role in manipulation for aesthetic purposes.

Some are very large, some are very satisfied with their normal appearance, but their noses do not like the fact that they have a crooked nose structure, or they may prefer different angles. As a result, rhinoplasty can be performed based on health and personal preference. Surgical intervention can lead to various changes in the structure of the nose.

  • Increasing / decreasing nose size
  • Nose structure change
  • Correction of the dorsum of the nose
  • Changing the shape of the tip of the nose
  • Arrangement of nostrils

If you are interested in rhinoplasty, you should wait in terms of a cosmetic view until the cartilage completes its development. For girls, this development is 15 years old, but for a boy, it may take a little more time. If you have breathing problems, you can have rhinoplasty without asking what is the age limit of rhinoplasty.

How to Prepare for Rhinoplasty

Interviews with doctors assess the priority of whether it is suitable for plastic surgery. At the same time, you should be able to fully explain your expectations and possible consequences by exchanging ideas with your doctor.

Evaluate the drugs currently in use and their use. Plastic surgery is not appropriate if you have a health problem that causes excessive bleeding, such as hemophilia.

After the medical history is taken, the examination is reviewed by a physical examination, and the internal and external structures are examined and evaluated. Doctors can also resort to various blood tests and biochemical tests to determine whether they are suitable for surgery.

The patients who are scheduled for surgery will be determined at the end of this examination. At this time, it is very effective to share with the doctor what you expect after rhinoplasty and during surgery.

Responsibilities That Are Up To You About Rhinoplasty

Another problem that patients should be aware of is that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and aspirin have not been used for two weeks before and after surgery. These drugs have consequences that will negatively affect the coagulation function. Remember how important it is for your health and recovery to communicate with your doctor and know the news.

Cigarette smoke slows down the healing process, narrows nicotine-containing blood vessels, and reduces the supply of oxygen and blood to tissues during the healing process. To increase recovery and hygiene, the cessation of tobacco use before and after surgery will significantly help. Rhinoplasty may benefit from seeing what other people are doing for preparation from different sources and blogs.

Types of Rhinoplasty

If it is a simple rhinoplasty operation, local anesthesia can be applied according to the surgeon’s preference. The operation takes an average of two hours, but rhinoplasty surgery usually takes a day with preoperative preparation and postoperative practice, and observation.

In open rhinoplasties, a small incision is made in the nostril, enlarging the surgeon’s viewing angle. Open rhinoplasty is suitable for people who have previously undergone another rhinoplasty surgery. The biggest advantage of open surgery is the wide viewing angle. However, the healing process is long and problems such as edema and bruising are aggravated after surgery.

Another technique is closed rhinoplasty. The surgeon’s field of vision is narrow, but the recovery time is short and there are no suture marks on the nose after surgery.

What Is Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty (Liquid Rhinoplasty)

One of the preferred uses of nasal dysfunction in a very serious way is non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Hyaluronic acid is the most used gel filler. Although there is a different nasal structure during injection into the deep layers of the region, different grades may be preferred. As a result, rhinoplasty can be performed based on health and personal preference. If the tip of the nose is in a ball-like condition after rhinoplasty, it is important to consult your doctor.

The Healing Process After Rhinoplasty

At the end of the operation, the cast is usually placed on the nose. The patient can return to work within a week to 10 days. Postoperative swelling and bruises are normal and subside to a level that can be covered with makeup between 1 week and 10 days.

A month after the operation, 75-80% of the formed edema disappears. This process often causes problems that appear and disappear within a few hours.

With this application that provides an easy healing process, if you have discomfort in the appearance of your nose, breathing problems, or nasal problems, contact your doctor to get information about the procedure. Rhinoplasty prices may have changed since 2020.

What is Profiloplasty

Doctors consider the entire face in their aesthetic surgery practice and perform “Profiloplasty” surgery to create all the elements of the face. These surgeries aim to proportional the face in a meaningful way beyond a comfortable profile.

Profiloplasty is performed taking into consideration the nose, chin, forehead, and cheekbones. Here we are considering what we call the ”golden ratio”. That is, about a third of the adjacent ends of the forehead-nose-chin triangle should be adjacent to the ends. For this, it is necessary to pay attention to these proportions in nose surgeries and adjust their relationship with each other

If you have rhinoplasty and if your forehead or chin tip is above or below the ratio, your new nose will not be visible. As a result, the nose grows and shrinks. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss it in detail with the patient and make a planning decision. Discussing the details with the patient in advance can prevent disappointment after surgery. The tip of the jaw can be operated on by gently rasping or performing nose surgery and placing the discarded particles on the tip of the jaw. In this case, the surgeon does not need extra time during the operation. You can get more perfect results from the aesthetics done with this proportional training. The answer to the question of what is the age limit of this type of rhinoplasty is that it is done only to adults. Profile change should not be done to people who have not completed their development.

Difficulties of Profiloplasty

Profiloplasty is not always easy. While rhinoplasty is performed with profiloplasty, operations may also be required on the lower jaw bone. Since problems arise from underdeveloped or behind the chin, it is important to take into account the chin and nose or the spatial situation to create aesthetics.

Implants from special materials can be placed in the mouth during surgery. Alternatively, it can be self-injected. This tissue is obtained from areas such as the buttocks and tissue left after liposuction or breast reduction surgery. The right type of tissue can be placed by flattening the forehead and cheekbones.

When you first see the face, the nose is one of the organs that attract the most attention. Plastic surgeons in Turkey are highly trained and experienced in this regard. Rhinoplasty prices may fall to the figures accessible to everyone in 2021.

Nose Structure In Turkey

It must be said that our society in general has a thick, oily skin texture. It is believed that this structure is not useful for aesthetic nose surgery. This skin type can cause its own problems and cause difficulties during recovery.

That is why the doctor’s education and experience are so important. The advantage of our plastic surgeon, who is aware of this structure, comes from this experience. The answer to the question of what is the age limit for rhinoplasty in Turkey is usually 15 years old.

Computer Output Is Not Enough To Display The Nose Model

For those looking for aesthetics, after all the tests have been performed, a special computer program is used to create an estimated image after surgery.

When performing plastic surgery, the nose, forehead, and chin proportions should be connected very well. In medicine, this is called ”Profiloplasty”. Therefore, it is very important to evaluate the face using all the elements. Of course, what should be done with surgery is discussed, and patients’ demands should be listened to. During this discussion, you can easily discuss the prices of rhinoplasty and what you want with your doctor.

The Number of Patients with Multiple Rhinoplasty Decreased

There have been more people who have had rhinoplasty many times in the past. Thanks to these developments in many areas of aesthetics, patients who have rhinoplasty are much more satisfied and happy with the work done by the doctor. The issue of what is the age limit of rhinoplasty depends on the problem in your nose.

The primary goal of rhinoplasty is to create a natural nose that looks aesthetically pleasing and allows you to breathe comfortably. If the excess parts from your nose are removed, and your nose becomes imperfect and incomplete after removal, your nose may change while healing. To avoid this change, which the public defines as “nose droopiness”, much attention should be paid to the structures that are also lost during surgery.

Aesthetics, Golden Ratio, Facial Mathematics

The golden ratio, used until recently in mathematics and art, is the geometric and numerical ratio used in aesthetic and cosmetological dermatology, it is observed in the whole and in its most harmonious parts.

Mathematically, if you divide a line segment from a point in the half, it turns out that the ratio of the small part to the large part is equal to the ratio of the large part to the entire line. This ratio is called the golden ratio. When asked what is the age limit of rhinoplasty, it is observed that young people should not test themselves with the golden ratio in this context.

When you look at shell contour, ear structure, base and pyramid length, Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting ratio, finger joint ratio (arm elbow length, etc.) Picerson’s work, natural world, in many living and inanimate human arms you can observe the golden ratio.

In other words, tens of thousands of objects that look good to most of us have a golden ratio or a ratio close to this ratio that we are not aware of. The facts about beauty, in general, can be attributed to this rule. For this reason, many aesthetic and cosmetic treatments such as filler, botox, rope facelift treatments, eyebrow lifting, eye, nose, and breast aesthetics are performed in parallel with the golden ratio.

Can Anyone Become the Owner of the ”Golden Ratio”

In this field, where artistic and other mathematical intelligence skills are effective, it is really exciting to follow the developments every day.

Working with minimal intervention procedures such as fillers, botox and facelifts can show that this is a great advantage for doctors who are prone to or engaged in art such as painting and sculpture.

Of course, you will also encounter faces that are too far or too close to these ratios everywhere. Our goal is to have an aesthetic and cosmetic shape that is harmonious in appearance. Only your doctor can answer what is the age limit of rhinoplasty about the golden ratio.

How Does The Application Of Profiloplasty Work

Profiloplasty is focused on changing the contour of your face. In other words, the evaluation and correction of the entire face are called “profiloplasty”. To quote from your nose, your nose should be compatible with other anatomical parts of the face.

Therefore, aesthetic interventions can look for a spherical face, pay attention to the measurable golden ratio of the face and make attempts for this purpose. It provides a “beautiful” or “aesthetic” look to the face as a whole. With profiloplasty; instead of fixing a single area, the focus is on how to fix the whole with the surrounding structures. After adapting the ideal ratio to the patient’s face, studies are started. For ”What is the age limit of Rhinoplasty” adaption, it is more convenient to wait for the end of the puberty period.

As a result, Profiloplasty can be summarized as a global assessment of all the structures of the face and the formation or reconstruction of a view of mutual harmony.

What Do We Understand from Facial Mathematics

There are certain angles that are measured so that certain structures facing here can communicate with each other in harmony;

  • The angle of the front nose between the forehead and the nose (120 degrees),
  • The Nose-face angle between the nose and the face (30-40 degrees),
  • The Angle between the chin and neck (80-95 degrees),
  • The Nasolabial line between the nose and upper lip (94-110 degrees),
  • The angle of the lip-chin formed by the lower lip and chin (90-110 degrees),
  • From the point of view profile-face, the face is the most important.
  • When viewed from a profile, it forms a line from the tragus located in the front middle part of the ear to the bottom of the nose, the tip of the nose, above the lip and in the middle of the chin.
  • Nose angle (23 degrees),
  • Maxillary (midface) angle (14 degrees),
  • The mandibular (jaw) angle (17 degrees) is the facial angle that expresses the golden ratio, and this mathematics can usually be used.

To Which Area of the Face Is Profiloplasty Applied

Forehead: Normally it should be directed in a certain direction, that is, on a convex surface. If this area is too flat, an oil or other filler can be used to give it a convex shape. Or if you have a very protruding shape, this can also be corrected. If the hairline is too low, that is, the forehead is too narrow, you can expand the narrow forehead by hair removal.

Eyebrow: It is possible to lift the tip of the eyebrows or shape the eyebrows by applying the eyebrow hanging method, botox, or filler injection to the lower eyebrows.

Nose: An aesthetic rhinoplasty procedure allows you to reduce, enlarge, lift, lower, lengthen or shorten your nose. What is the age limit of rhinoplasty is a question that varies with profiloplasty.

Cheeks: If the cheek area called the middle face is crushed, weakened, or sagging, you can work with applications such as filling and draining the fat, lifting and plumping rope, mid-face lift surgery, cheek lift surgery, and cheek bone.

Lips: Anatomically, the upper lip is slightly in front of the lower lip (1-2 mm) and thicker than the lower upper lip. As a normal ratio, the upper lip should be 2 units, the lower lip should be 3 units. Do not pay attention to the golden ratio of the distance from the base of the nose to the middle of the lips and the distance from the middle of the lips to the chin. The two edges of the lips should be parallel to the pupils of the eyes. Lip position, fullness, and size are very important for those who have nose surgery. Lip contours and puffiness can be corrected with fillers and fat injections.

Face Ratio Elements

Chin: If the chin area is large or small, it is very important to correct the face. The most problematic thing in our country is that the chin is behind (prognathism) and the chin is short. Enlargement and progression can be corrected by shaving the filling and excess at the tip of the chin. These steps significantly change both the aesthetic appearance and the facial expression. Just by touching your chin, you can get a completely different look without doing anything. Under the chin area: Excess fat in the chin area (under the chin) makes the chin and neck look shorter and wider from the outside. Simple liposuction (liposuction or lipolysis), partial lipolysis on the device, or stretching in this area separates the face and neck, smoothes the contours of the chin, and provides a much more beautiful appearance. Other excess parts of the neck can be stretched surgically. Alternatively, it can be fixed by tightening the neck with a rope or device without surgery. Of course, surgical or non-surgical procedures may vary depending on parameters such as age, sagging condition, and general medical condition. The title ”What is the age limit for rhinoplasty” is one of these parameters.

How to Calculate the Golden Ratio of the Face

There is a golden compass to facilitate the measurement. The golden ratio on the face is measured as follows.

1-Face width-length ratio,

2-The ratio of the eye width from the inner part of the eye to the ear,

3-The ratio of the distance between both eyebrows to the width of the eye,

4- The answer to what is the age limit of rhinoplasty and the ratio of the width of the nose to the length,

5-The ratio of the distance between the chin and the lips and the middle lip and the pupil,

6-The ratio of the distance between the chin and nose and between the nose and the scalp line,

7-The ratio of the anterior jaw length or eye length to the lateral jaw length.

If approximately 24% of the golden ratio is present and with appropriate evaluation, the intervention area can be determined. Again, the number of this percentage in the same person depends on their sleep habits, illness, whether they take the medications they use, whether they play sports or do not use alcohol and cigarettes. So you can talk in more detail with your doctor.

Open Rhinoplasty

Open rhinoplasty involves an incision made in the invisible part of the nose, which is done by looking at the bones, cartilage, and muscles of the nose. The incision continues from the inside and becomes the part of the nose called the nasal pelt. Usually, it crosses the other side in the form of a dashed line in the form of a sign. In other words, the visible part is a cut of about 2 mm directly in the nose. After that, this incision scar disappears. The advantage of open rhinoplasty is that the nose-to-nose ratio is much higher. It requires the ability to see by the millimeter test. While adding tissue here, is the process of adjusting the nose by fixing and sewing tissues. It is very important to have an experienced doctor who can answer what is the age limit of rhinoplasty. Disadvantages: The edema that occurs at the tip may take some time to pass. However, in general, it is the most preferred method. This is a very secure application. This can be done visually by visually moving and going through a safer process. There is almost no significant pain during the rhinoplasty procedure.

Preparation for Open Rhinoplasty

Preparation: It is very important to know the patient’s expectations, to determine the demand, and to inform the physician accordingly. The most important preparations are the preoperative, planning, and communication parts. Postoperative: The most important thing to pay attention to after rhinoplasty is not to experience extra trauma that affects the shape. It is important not to wear glasses for the first 1-1.5 months after the operation and not to press your hands to your nose. Rhinoplasty surgery requires stopping bone growth. In general, girls stop developing a skeleton at the age of 16 to 17 years. From this period there are no problems with the operation. If there is an attractive deformity in your nose, you can do rhinoplasty at the discretion of your family without waiting for the age limit of 18.

How Does This Operation Involve Risks

This is not about starting or closing a high-risk transaction. There may be some complications specific to the person, not the method. After rhinoplasty surgery, complications such as nose collapse, sagging at the ends of the nose, asymmetry of the nose, and long-term bruising are observed. However, treatments should not be done intuitively, and it would be healthiest not to hesitate to ask your doctor questions such as what is the age limit for rhinoplasty. The patient will be presented with an informed consent form before the operation. Before signing, the patient must read very carefully and asks questions about himself and the process.

Open Rhinoplasty Performation

This application is quite comfortable for doctors and patients. There is a typical overnight hospital stay for the patient’s general anesthesia. The next day you can return to your daily life. However, it will be very healthy to stay at home within 2-3 days after the operation. The effect of bruises is minimal or absent at all, and 0.5 cm on the eye may look like makeup. The open technique allows you to visually check all the blood vessels, so you can say that there are several bruises. It is not an open or closed technique that arises when you think about it. However, a suitable closure method may be preferred for closed rhinoplasty. These are not two different Raki. In the future, open rhinoplasty, which is called aesthetic surgery, or secondary surgery with a high degree of deformity may be preferred. As a result, no one other than your doctor must answer the question of what is the age limit of rhinoplasty. Beyond whether you are within the Age Limit, it will be clear after the doctor’s check whether you are ready for such an operation.

The Importance of the Nose

Facial symmetry at first glance is one of the most important things for mental health. It is the idea of correcting mistakes that cannot be found anywhere else. To develop and improve some techniques in the medical field, rhinoplasty surgery can be performed much easier in today’s conditions. In this way, patients can both breathe more healthily and have the nose they want by eliminating obstacles with aesthetic surgery. It is very, very important that you trust the clinic and the doctor for the results that will make you the happiest. That is why the prices for nose surgery vary. It is very important that you ask all the questions in your mind to your doctor before taking advantage of one of these irreversible types of surgery that will constantly change your nose. If rhinoplasty is not a health-related problem with what the age limit is, it will be the safest decision for you to apply to the aesthetic path after enough thought. When you trust your doctor and clinic, you will undergo the operation without looking back and happily.

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